Dry bulk cargo chartering

Allied Chartering was first set up as dry chartering desk, using niche skills and information to provide an invaluable service to our clientele. Since its establishment, it has grown both in size as well as coverage, widening its range in both trading regions and cargoes. Having established good relationships with numerous traders and charterers gives us the ability to provide up to the minute information and secure the best options available in the market without compromising our integrity and quality of service. Cargoes covered include: Raw materials, grains, fertilizers, steels, iron ore, coal, sugar and biofuels.

Tanker chartering

Witnessing the successful establishment of our dry bulk chartering team, the decision was made to expand into the tanker market, forming a dedicated team of highly specialised brokers which could provide chartering services for a wide array of wet cargoes. The development of our client base has been quick both in terms of owners as well as charterers, while our expertise and in depth understanding of the market allows for the quick and reliable matching of vessels to specialised requirements. The team mainly focuses on CPP/DPP and specialised products, as well as long term projects.

Project chartering

With a wide spread network of market participants we are able to bring together the conclusion of even the most specialised needs, giving an opportunity for the fixing of difficult cargo requirements while effectively dealing with challenging negotiations in order to provide the best outcome for all parties involved. We often undertake to cover the needs for long period time charters and often take part in the development of Contracts of Affreightment. We also provide services for Extra heavy (generators, wind mills), Voluminous (main ducts, yachts), General project (steel constructions), Roll stock cargoes (excavators), Dangerous cargoes (explosives etc.), Barges, floating cranes, tugs, cement carriers and several other specialised transportation needs. In distinct cases we have set up Door-to-Door services involving projects from ex-works to end user on a worldwide basis, including ocean / air / road / rail transportation.

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