Research Analysis & Consultancy

Information and data mining systems are key elements in the daily responsibilities of brokers and ship owners. It is one of our most prised and in high regard services and indicative of the premium quality we are able to provide. Allied’s highly skilled personnel and state of the art Intelligence System, ensure the timely adequate flow and tailor made presentation of data for its partners and premium clients. Reports on every sector of the shipping industry are meticulously updated on a day-to-day basis, making Allied a valuable source of key market data, in-depth analysis and valuable insight. As such we have grown our capabilities through the years to the level were we are now often sought out to provide detailed feasibility studies for new trading patterns, market opportunities as well as advisory on the prospects of large-scale projects. In this regard we often setup specialised research and analysis for our premium clients and take on the process of properly presenting the findings and discussing the key aspects through fully personalised presentations and in direct communication with our research staff. In regards to the high standard and quality of our consultancy services, we are proud to be regularly quoted by the international press and by high ranking maritime executives for our reliable opinion on market trends and for our accurate and updated statistics and data.

Publications / Reports

Noting the importance of the flow of constant information we provide regular publications on a weekly, monthly as well as ad hock basis for the dissemination of market intelligence that is able to provide our clients with a true competitive edge. The premium quality of these publications is not only a reflection of our ability to add actual value to our partnerships but also of the high skill level we strive to maintain. This high research and market analysis standard makes for an invaluable source of knowledge for maritime executives looking to best manage and successful manage the difficult market conditions often faced in the shipping industry, while allowing them to effectively generate a winning investment strategy without missing out on risks, opportunities and trends that are noted through the market cycles. SnP Reports include: Weekly market reports, Weekly market statistics, Monthly sector reports, Monthly risk assessment. Chartering Reports include: Daily fixtures report, Daily FFA report, Weekly market report, Weekly period fixtures report. We provide access to our freely distributed reports through the client login area of our website. To get direct access to our weekly reports register and login here.


Vessel valuations make up another main field of our expertise, utilizing the long experience and deep knowledge of the shipping market from Allied’s highly skilled Partners. Allied provides objective, non-biased valuations for all types of vessels, both as individual ship valuations or fleet valuations as well as specialised vessel income valuations. Through our expertise and high valued market reputation, Allied is a close adviser and is a member of the panel of brokers who provide valuation certificates as well as consultation for vessel portfolios of major Shipping Banks both in Greece and worldwide, as well as other international financial institutions. Beyond this we are also been heavily involved in providing indications and guidance to several of the largest listed ship owners in the world. In 2001, we were also granted a seat on the then newly established panel of brokers, valuating ocean-going vessels and shipping companies for the Athens Stock Exchange.

Financial Advisoring

As one of the largest S&P broking houses worldwide, Allied has the ability to advice on financing projects concerning the shipping industry. A high expertise and ability to successfully deliver tailored and complex financial structures, capital raising and strategic advisory in the shipping industry. Taking advantage of our large network and premium financial contacts, we are able to advise, conceptualise and negotiate successful arrangements for traditional as well as specialised financing needs related to shipping assets. Our clients are effectively matched and introduced to appropriate financial sources that will assist them with their business endeavours in all market conditions and always suited to their individual requirements, while always overseeing that the best the process and providing assistance up until the drawdown of the capital requirements.

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